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By David Wellington

ISBN-10: 2811207007

ISBN-13: 9782811207007

Selon les rapports officiels, tous les vampires sont morts. Mais Arkeley, ancien agent fédéral, sait que l'un d'entre eux est encore en vie et manigance le retour des siens. Aussi est-il tiré de sa retraite par le FBI pour enquêter, avec Laura Caxton, sur un contrôle de regimen qui a mal tourné... Les créatures qu'ils s'apprêtent à combattre sont de véritables machines à tuer.

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He thrust inside me, growling deep in his throat, as he took his pleasure, as he gave me pleasure. He made me shudder all the way to my pedicured toes. His eyes glittered like yellow diamonds— sharp and unrelenting in their beauty. And I trembled in his arms, afraid of what he wanted and what he offered. Afraid I wasn’t worthy of him. The water poured over us and I held him tightly while he pounded into me, and everything went bright and shiny. Before I realized what I was doing, I was plunging my fangs into his neck.

Zela worked her magic three more times and Jessica flopped forward. Patrick grabbed her and held on tightly. I watched her spirit rejoin her body. Relief cascaded through me. Patrick scooped Jessica into his arms and sparkled out of the chamber. Zela stepped forward and offered her hand. I took it. Power surged through me. “It is done,” she said. She lowered her head. ” “Er . . ” It figured I’d gained the last of the seven powers of the Ancients in a sewer. A scream echoed. “Zerina,” whispered Terran.

She looked like a representative of the Lollipop Guild standing next to the huge demon. Yet it was obvious she held all the power. From the position of her hands, I knew she was the one creating the shield that kept the others away. “Enough of this stalling,” she said. ” Durga Translated from the Memoirs of Ruadan Durga was a high priestess for an ancient cult that used demons in their rituals. She was in her late forties, considered long-lived nearly four millennia ago. She reminded me of a small, dark bird.

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