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By Ash Law

ISBN-10: 1936781336

ISBN-13: 9781936781331

An Age of Wizardy has arrived!

Magic is all over the place. even if it’s a hidden energy wielded by means of a mystery few or the strength that powers a whole realm, magic is an important a part of any fable international. And now its secrets and techniques are yours!

Deep Magic: thirteenth Age suitable version is for thirteenth Age avid gamers who wish new techniques that permit them to bend fact to their wills and practice impressive feats of sword and sorcery.

Designer ASH legislation (also the dressmaker of the Midgard Bestiary: thirteenth Age suitable variation) brings an marvelous number of new magic techniques to the sport, including:

• 555 wizard spells starting from smart tips to summoning the realm Serpent itself to wreak havoc
• four new category skills that placed wizard spells in the grab of each class—play an arcane ranger, a spirit-calling barbarian, a time-warping commander or face-stealing trickster druid
• 30 new colleges of magic together with the Cult of Ouroboros, the purple Inquisition and the students of airborne dirt and dust, with guidance for developing your personal magical tradition
• five magical crusade ideas: post-apocalyptic vril magic, the mysteries of the ley strains, a class-warfare arcanopunk crusade alternative, and more!

For GMs searching for new fabric, or gamers trying to find personality customization recommendations, this huge tome is the e-book you’ve been dreaming of.

Dive into Deep Magic this present day!

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Effect: You have mastered the art of keeping fire under your tongue. As a standard action, you can consume a non-magical fire that is the size of a typical campfire or smaller. The fire is stored harmlessly in your mouth and dissipates if it is not used before the next day (after your next full heal-up). You can vomit forth the stored fire as a quick action, but not on the same turn. Attack vs: PD Hit: 1d6 fire damage per your character level Miss: Damage equal to your level Adventurer Feat: You can change the target to just one nearby creature and increase the damage dice to d8s.

Doing so brings a tiny snake-like construct made of glowing light to life to act as a guard, scout, or trap. Treat the cypher-snake construct as a temporary familiar that lasts for one hour per level that the spell is cast at. Adventurer Feat: The cypher-snake is invisible. Champion Feat: You can create two cypher-snakes at a time. Epic Feat: You can cast this spell in battle as a quick action. HEARTH CHARM Ranged spell (utility spell) Recharge 6+ after quick rest Target: A nearby pile of loose rocks.

GLIDING STEP Close-quarters spell (utility spell) Recharge 11+ after quick rest Target: You or a nearby ally Effect: Unless carrying more than your normal heavy load, you can walk on the surface of snow, mud, or ice 39 rather than wading through it. Ice or glass will support your weight no matter how thin it is. You do not need to make skill checks to move across tricky terrain at full speed. You still leave tracks as normal. The spell lasts around 10 minutes per level at which it was cast. Adventurer Feat: You do not leave tracks, even when not under the effects of this spell, unless you want to.

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