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Unname udakam vattam yatha ninnam pavattati Evam eva ito dinnam petānam upakappati As water showered on the hill Flows down to reach the hollow vale, So giving given here can serve The ghosts of the departed kin. As riverbeds when full can bear The water down to Þll the sea, So giving given here can serve The ghosts of the departed kin. Adāsi me, akāsi me, nātimittā sakhā ca me Petānam dakkhinam dajjā pubbe katam anussaram He gave to me, he worked for me, He was my kin, friend, intimate. Give gifts, then, for departed ones, Recalling what they used to do.

The king gave robes and lodging and dedicated these actions. Instantly, the petas were richly adorned and they had wellfurnished palaces to live in. The king was extremely delighted by what he did and saw the effects.  C  B    Beings are called peta because they are stationed far from happiness. Peta = pa + ita; lit, departed beings, or (those) absolutely devoid of happiness. They are not disembodied spirits or ghosts Although they possess material forms, generally they are invisible to the physical eye.

A T S T W--  Tirokuddesu titthanti sandhisanghātakesu ca Dvārabāhāsu titthanti āgantvāna sakam gharam. Without the walls they stand and wait, And at the junctions and road-forks; Returning to their erstwhile homes, They wait beside the jambs of gates. Pahute annapānamhi khajjabhojje upatthite Na tesam koci sarati sattānam kammapaccayā. But when a rich feast is set out With food and drink of every kind, The fact that no man does recall Those creatures stems from their past acts.

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