Gabriel Marcel's A Path to Peace: Fresh Hope For the World: Dramatic PDF

By Gabriel Marcel

ISBN-10: 0874627524

ISBN-13: 9780874627527

Incorporated the following: the center of OthersDot the IThe Double ExpertiseThe LanternColombyre or the Torch of PeacePlus interviews with the translator referring to each one play. in addition to a list of texts and audio visuals fabrics to be used in a school room setting.Marcel's contributions were well-known the world over with prestigious awards together with: France's nationwide Prize for Literature, the Pirkheimer Prize for Humanism, and the Goethe Peace Prize for selling peace past nationwide frontiers.

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DANIEL: Yes, I’m aware of that. ROSE: The kind of dangerous emotion that you attribute to your Gilbert, I would only ask that you never again make a connection between that fictional scene and a scene in our own life; to me that would be intolerable. ) CLÉMENCE: Monsieur De Charlanne asks if he may speak with you briefly. DANIEL: Tell him to come in. ) What could this idiot want? ) Come in, my friend. DE CHARLANNE: Pleased to meet you, Madame. ) How have you been since this morning’s read through of your play?

I regret very much that you found out in such an abrupt way. I naturally would have wanted things to happen differently. JOHN: It would have all turned out the same. DANIEL: No, I wouldn’t say that. There’s always a way to ease such shocks. JOHN: Nothing prevented you from telling me long ago. DANIEL: Come now, don’t speak with your eyes lowered that way. I judged you still too young to know about such a thing and even now I’m sure I was right. JOHN: That may be … DANIEL: In a certain way it’s better that you know what the situation is.

ROSE: Well then, that’s it exactly, Gilbert does not resemble you at all. JOHN: It’s just too bad that I don’t have his nice manners, isn’t it? ROSE: You have no reason to feel bitter then. JOHN: Oh! But Gilbert, he’s me nonetheless. Suppose I didn’t exist, then there wouldn’t be a Gilbert. And you … There are even some traits about the one he calls Thérèse that I recognize in you. ROSE: In me? JOHN: Yes, you. I’m sure of it. And I know now how things took place in the past. You were like Maurice and Thérèse; you had no children, and like Thérèse it’s you who insisted on adopting me.

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