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By Modiphius Entertainment

ISBN-10: 1910132047

ISBN-13: 9781910132043

Achtung! Cthulhu is a terrifying global warfare atmosphere, absolutely suitable with the decision of Cthulhu, 6th variation and Savage Worlds roleplaying games.

Discover the key heritage of the conflict past Western Europe: a land of serious antiquity, steeped in legend; a fiery cauldron of political and occult intrigue the place the warmth is as a lot your enemy as any guy with a gun; and an impressive desert the place in simple terms the robust will live to tell the tale with their sanity intact.

The advisor to North Africa provides a brand new measurement to the key struggle, including:
- New tomes of forbidden lore, equivalent to the booklet of Thoth and the ebook of Angels, and but extra summoning spells and protecting enchantments
- wilderness automobiles and gear, fantastical and mundane (including Nachtwolfe's most up-to-date developments)
- exciting guns and artefacts, similar to the Atlantean sliver gun, the Yithian Stone Hunter and the Ashes of Sebek
- historic horrors from the depths of the wilderness (and house and time): crocodile hybrid mummies, djinn, and the good Race of Yith
- info on Black Suns quest for Irem and Nachtwolfe's consistent look for Atlantean technology
- Stats and principles to be used with either name of Cthulhu sixth version AND Savage Worlds in a single book!

Requires the decision of Cthulhu sixth variation or Savage Worlds Rulebooks to play. it is a complement to be used with the Achtung! Cthulhu: Investigator's and Keeper's publications.

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COMMON MILITARY EQUIPMENT Due to their colonial holdings and military history, British and Commonwealth troops are well equipped to fight in the desert. Their approach to desert survival, however, is to try and ignore it; troops sleep in blankets on the sand and attempt to overlook the flies and germs. Even though the German forces sent to North Africa are hastily assembled, the German High Command is still prepared for the occasion, and the German approach to desert life is scientific: their stores are full of foot-powder, eye-lotion, mouth-wash, disinfectant, and insect repellent.

By December 1942 the unit has ceased to exist due to problems with recruitment. Silent Kill ([STR+DEX]×2): a successful melee skill check grants the investigator an automatic impale attack. On a Critical Success (01-05), the person being attacked is killed instantly. Zionist: SIG investigators fighting the Nazis for Zionism and a Jewish homeland can add +30% to one of the following: Demolitions, Espionage, or Tactics. Sav Vigor d6+. • Required Skill: Knowledge (German). • Recommended Skills: Driving, Knowledge (Demolitions), Knowledge (Espionage), Knowledge (Navigation), Knowledge (Psychology), Persuasion, Stealth, Survival.

They can add an additional +5% to their Tactics skill if a commanding NCO or officer invokes the spirit of the French Republic with a successful Command, Fast Talk, or Persuade roll. Sav Old Sweat: The legionnaire investigator is a seasoned veteran of the Legion, from before the war. They can add +1 to CON and +15% to Survival (Desert). White Kepi: The legion is home to the investigator. They can add +10% to three of the following skills: Folklore (Legion), Institutional Lore, Other Language (French) or Tactics.

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